Child Custody and Support

Attorney Racheal L. Adkins can help resolve your children's legal and physical custody issues. Usually, parents have different ideas about child custody and support. Looking out for the child's best interest is necessary; child custody cases are not easy, but we can try and make the process as smooth as possible with your cooperation. Parents might also depend on the court for a fair hearing. If you fight for custody, it is best to hire a child custody lawyer in El Paso, Texas, to help you.

Can a Child Decide Who to Live With?
A child cannot make the final decision on who they want to live with. If they are over the age of 12, an affidavit can be submitted stating the reasons for the decision. The affidavit informs the judge of the child's choice but does not mean the judge will approve. The judge will take into consideration all other factors of the case. Having an experienced lawyer can help you through the process and answer any questions.
Sole or Joint Custody
Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody, The Law Office L. Adkins can help you through the process. The state of Texas presumes that both parents will have joint legal custody. This may not apply in certain circumstances involving issues with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or the parent is mentally unstable or unfit. Attorney Racheal L. Adkins knows each case is different, and there may be many new situations that will arise. In some instances, sole custody is granted to one parent. However, both parents will be awarded certain rights and duties to the children. Visitation (supervised or unsupervised) rights can also be granted to the other parent. You need an experienced child custody attorney who has handled many custody cases.
Should I Hire a Lawyer for Child Support?
The downside of divorce is the possible effects on your child's or children's future, and it is crucial to obtain legal help from a knowledgeable child support attorney. All child support and custody arrangements should be handled professionally and in your child's best interests. Hiring a child support lawyer can help present your case in court. The Law Office of Rachel L. Adkins will work closely with you through this complicated and emotional process.
The Law Office of Racheal L. Adkins can help with the following:
• Child custody cases
• Modification of child support orders
• Child support enforcement

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