Life changes happen, and not all changes will keep things the same. Medical changes, career changes, or maybe your spouse has become unfit to care for your children. Filing a modification allows an individual to change existing court orders. An agreed or contested modification can be filed. If both parties agree on the order, they can create an agreement on the new changes, and both parties can sign. The judge can then approve the modifications. If there is a disagreement on modifying an existing order, the party who wishes to modify the order must file a petition. A trial will be held, and both parties will have to appear in court and present evidence to the judge to prove their case. The court will ultimately determine the outcome of the order. The documentation needed to modify an existing order may seem complex; having an experienced modification lawyer can help.

The court can make modifications for spousal or child support cases if the person filing demonstrates that:
• The party involved has had a life change, such as losing a job, obtaining more money, or they got remarried.
• The need (must be proven) is greater than the current monthly payment amount.
• The current arrangement has not been modified in the last three years.
• In addition, the court will assess the current order and make the final judgment.

Texas allows for modifications of custody under certain circumstances; the following are legitimate reasons to modify a custody order:
• A parent is voluntarily giving up custodial rights.
• The child is over 12 and is expressing their desire to change custody.
• The circumstances of the parents involved have significantly changed. Life changes can include criminal convictions, the parent has relocated, a medical condition that hinders the child's care, and more.

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