Termination of Parental Rights

Parents have several rights when it comes to their children. Suppose a parent can demonstrate with clear and convincing evidence that the other parent cannot make decisions regarding a child's best interests, safety, and well-being. In that case, their rights may be terminated. The Law Office of Racheal L. Adkins has helped many individuals who are seeking to terminate the other parent's rights.

Voluntary vs. Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights can happen in many different situations. If a person remarries, the new spouse may want to adopt the stepchildren. Grandparents may want to adopt their grandchildren for numerous reasons. There may be a parent who wants to terminate the other parent's rights if they are considered unfit. For parental rights to be terminated, it must be approved by the court, there must be clear and convincing evidence, and such termination must be within the child's best interest.

Termination of parental rights may be based on:
The parent abandoned the child/failed to pay child support
The parent(s) put the child in a dangerous situation
The parent(s) are guilty of criminal conduct
The parent(s) are unfit to care for the child

How can The Law Office of Racheal L. Adkins Help Me?

Family law Attorney Racheal L. Adkins can help you with a termination of parental rights case. The situation will be evaluated, and she will determine if it is something that can be pursued. Each case is unique, and there are laws that need to be followed. An attorney like Racheal L. Adkins will understand your specific circumstances and evaluate your case so you don't waste time and money. If she can take your case, she will let you know what evidence is needed for the petition and other documents related to your case. Having a family law attorney on your side will save you from being unprepared when it's time to meet with the judge. Finally, with a family law attorney, you will know what to expect when meeting with the judge. Each case is unique and will have its circumstances and timeline; with an experienced family law attorney that knows their way around the legal system, you will be prepared for the process.

Types of Cases The Law Office of Racheal L. Adkins Handles:
• Involuntary termination
• Voluntary termination
• Child Protective Services (CPS) cases

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